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If you have missed any of the previously published news you can find them here.

The news are published from the newest down to the oldest one.

News visible here are the ones that were once published on the main pages of the site. After some time, they are being replaced by newer ones. Here you can find older ones, not visible in the news section anymore.
Grams to Ounce !
Published on: December 18
The long awaited feature to automatically convert grams, milliliters to ounces and vice versa is finally available! Just visit your favorite recipe and click the convert button. Et voilĂ  !!
Translations !
Published on: February 17
Check out our new translation feature ! Thanks to Google Translate you can now translate your favorite recipes to many different languages, making it even more easy and fun to find inspiration from around the globe !
New search option !
Published on: November 16
Check out our new predefined search sub-categories. It is now even easier to search for example for meat dish, fish dish, etc....
Unit converter
Published on: August 16
Check out this neat function, you can convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Grams to Ounces and cups to milliliters ! Very handy !!!
Comment a recipe !
Published on: July 16
You now have the possibility to comment a recipe, it's very simple, just click the add comment button on the recipe you are look at, et voilĂ  !!
Rate the recipes !
Published on: February 16
Now you can rate your favorite recipes in the recipe description page. The rates for respective recipes will also be displayed in the search list.
Advanced search
Published on: January 16
More search options have now been added in the advanced search function, you can search with one or several search criteria !
New focus
Published on: January 16
Check out our selection of French winter recipes perfectly suited for the cold time of the year !
Advanced search
Published on: December 15
Now you have the possibility to search for inspiration with more than one search criteria thanks to the advanced search functionality that you will find just below this news section ! Happy cooking !!
Published on: November 15
Getting close to end year celebrations, see our selection of Alsatian Christmas cookies also called Bredele...
Focus on...
Published on: November 15
Check out our new section about highlighted regions and their yummy recipes...
Published on: September 15
Check out our newly published Bavarian inspired theme, to celebrate the famous Oktoberfest... at home !
Change servings.
Published on: August 15
Now you have the possibility to update the numbers of servings, different form the original one, leading to an update of ingredients quantities.
Celsius to Fahrenheit !
Published on: August 15
Where relevant you now have the possibility to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa !
New suggestions !
Published on: July 15
Check out our new suggestions of homemade Scandinavian desserts...
New inspirations...
Published on: July 15
We have now created themes where selected recipes are bundled together, helping you to find inspiration related to a specific moment or event of the year. Check them out in the new suggestion tab !
News Section !!!
Published on: July 15
We have now created a brand new news section where you will find information we believe will interest you. Information regarding new functionalities available on the webpage or some suggestions or anything else about this webpage we believe might be of interest for you. So check it out regularly !!!

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