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Apricot fruit paste
Apricot fruit paste
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These homemade apricot paste can be served together with, nuts, olives or on the side of a cake to the afternoon tea or coffee .

Ingredient List for 8 servings:
500 gr Ripe apricots
500 gr Sugar
20 gr Gelling agent
2 tablespoons Crystallizes sugar
Cut the apricots and mix them into a puree and pour them in a casserole.
Add the gelling agent and the sugar. Make sure the heat is not more than 100 degrees Celsius. Cook it all for 1 hour.
Pour the mixture evenly in a rectangular dish and cover with a baking towel. Let it rest for 2-3 days.
Before cutting the marmalade make sure the dough is firm.
Cut small squares and roll them in the crystallizes sugar.
Place in the freezer before serving these small treats.
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