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Image of Pyttipanna.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:40

Recipe description :
This is a dish based on potatoes and whatever meat product you have as left over at home, like sausages, ham, bacon or kassler. Best served with fried eggs and salt cucumber or cooked beets.
Image of Swedish meatballs "Köttbullar".
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:09

Recipe description :
Swedish meatballs or "köttbullar" as they are called in Swedish are small balls made with minced pork or beef. It is common to serve them together with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, a creamy sauce, and lingon berry jam. When you know how to do these delicious small balls you don't need to go to IKEA to buy them anymore.
Image of Double breaded fish.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:10

Recipe description :
Double breaded white fish fillets will give a moist and tender fish, as well as a nice crispy surface. This way the fish keeps its taste and fits together with potatoes or mashed potatoes and a creamy sauce, a Swedish remoulade sauce for example.
Image of Minced Moose meat.
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:15

Recipe description :
This minced moose is a bite different from the usual way to prepare moose. They get tender due to the potato flour and mustard. To enhance the flavor you use the butter from frying the meat in the sauce, end serve them together with chanterelle mushrooms. This way the dish gets a more luxurious touch.
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Uploaded on : 2018-May-22
This is a homemade Japanese inspired pizza where the bottom is made with tofu and prepared in the frying pan instead of in the oven. It is a healthy way of eating pizza if you’re counting your daily calorie intake. You can choose low fat cheese and switch to a tomato sauce with no added sugar to reduce the calories even more. For topping you can use your favorite pizza ingredients.
Uploaded on : 2018-May-06
This is a homemade Japanese Chicken ramen, better known as chicken and noodle soup. It has the traditional ginger, chicken and wheat noodle as a base. This recipe has carrot, broccoli and egg as flavors, but it is possible to add more traditional Japanese vegetables if you can find them in the shop.
Uploaded on : 2018-Apr-22
This is a homemade vegetable mousse that fits perfect as a starter. It is easy to make and will impress your guest. It is best to use small white mushrooms which makes a wonderful taste combination together with the zucchini.
Uploaded on : 2018-Apr-15
If you like pie and Mexican food this recipe is a perfect mix of it all. A pie bottom made of puff pastry and all your favorite ingredients of Mexican taco inspirations. You can add almost everything you desire in the pie as long as you have all the main taco spice mix as a base.
Uploaded on : 2018-Apr-08
This homemade Bavarian chocolate mousse cake with pears taste delicious and melts in the mouth. It is impossible to take only one bite. It is best to prepare the day before serving it but that way it has many hours to get a wonderful texture.
Uploaded on : 2018-Apr-05
A classic tartiflette gratin is made with potatoes and bacon. This recipe is using the tartiflette cheese in a pie made of puff pastry rolls instead, and it is both fun and easy to prepare. If you don’t find any tartiflette cheese you can use any cheese that melts well.
Uploaded on : 2018-Apr-02
This home made almond and puff pastry cake is traditionally served on the festival of Epiphany. The cake has different names and shapes around the world, but all have one thing in common which is the crown that represent the crown of the 3 kings that arrived in Bethlehem the 6th of January.
Uploaded on : 2018-Mar-18
This is a homemade Japanese inspired fish soup with a splash of Saké as a twist. You can add almost any ingredient you like or have at home as you will have clear soup broth as base.
Uploaded on : 2018-Mar-11
This homemade bread is perfect as a starter or as part of a buffet, and it’s quick and easy to prepare. To make a bit different you can add more ingredients like ham and other types of cheese.
Fun fact,
The concept of "Fika" is so deeply integrated in the Swedish culture that you can't visit Sweden without at some point being confronted with this wonderful tradition. Fika is as much Swedish, or let's say Scandinavian as American Football is American... Wherever you are in the world, meet a Swede and ask him or her for a "fika" the chances are really high you will immediately become popular with this person! Everyone makes time to take a "fika" no matter how stressful the day might have been.
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