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Image of Homemade Japanese potato chips.
Recipe cost: 1
Recipe difficulty: 1
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:10

Recipe description :
This is a quick and fun way to make your own healthy potato chips in the microwave. They become crispy and you can add the spices you like. This recipe requires a mandolin to slice the potatoes and a Japanese chips stand to place the potato slices in the microwave. Online you can find a full kit that is called Japanese potato chips maker.
Image of Sushi.
Preparation : 02:00
Cooking : 00:30

Recipe description :
To make your own sushi make take a while but it is fun to do, and gets easier and easier every time. You can choose the ingredients you like, and make different ones like with hot dogs for examples.
Image of Fish soup with saké.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:20

Recipe description :
This is a homemade Japanese inspired fish soup with a splash of Saké as a twist. You can add almost any ingredient you like or have at home as you will have clear soup broth as base.
Image of Chicken Ramen.
Preparation : 00:10
Cooking : 00:15

Recipe description :
This is a homemade Japanese Chicken ramen, better known as chicken and noodle soup. It has the traditional ginger, chicken and wheat noodle as a base. This recipe has carrot, broccoli and egg as flavors, but it is possible to add more traditional Japanese vegetables if you can find them in the shop.
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Bredele - Alsatian Christmas cookies
Brededel - Alsatian Christmas cookies can be found in many variations of shape and taste, depending of family traditions. Here you have a small selection.
Uploaded on : 2015-Oct-20
Bredele- Alsatian Christmas cookies can be found in many variations of both the shape and taste. Most of them are made with baking powder, egg, flour and sugar as a base. Even though this version it is made with both coconut and chocolate it is not too sweet.
Uploaded on : 2015-Nov-03
These bredele have only one thing in common with snowballs and that is the shape. These are traditional Alsatian Christmas bredel. You can find over hundred different variations of bredele cookies, and every family has their own preferences.
Uploaded on : 2015-Dec-04
This version of the Christmas cookies bredele is a bit different than the most common ones that you will find in the region Alsace in France during Christmas time. Every family have their own tradition of which cookies are to be consider as classical for them. These pumpkinseed cookies can be made six to eight weeks before Christmas. This way they can be kept in a tin box, to let them get the right consistence before they will be eaten.
Uploaded on : 2015-Nov-16
Christmas cookies from Alsace in France filled with raspberry jam. These linzer cookies are mini versions of the big linzertorte, as you use the same ingredients for both. The cookies have a sweet raspberry jam in between the thin and tender cookies.
Uploaded on : 2015-Nov-06
This is a homemade recipe of the classical Alsatian Christmas cookies bredele with hazelnuts. They are so easy and delicious, so it is almost impossible not to prepare twice as many the next time you make them. You can make them in any shape you like but the flat round ones are the typical way to make them.
Uploaded on : 2015-Oct-06
This is a homemade recipe of one of the traditional Alsatian Christmas cookies bredele. It is a hard cookie with taste of cinnamon and covered with a meringue frosting. The Bredele cookies comes in many different flavors and shapes such as hearts, stars, moons or Christmas trees and etc.
Uploaded on : 2016-Dec-07
You will recognize these Alsatian Christmas cookies by their special shape, and can often find them dipped in chocolate, or soaked in coffee. This is the original recipe of one of many popular small Christmas cookies called bredele.
Uploaded on : 2016-Nov-13
This is one of the classic Alsatian Christmas cookies called sand bredele. They are named sand bredele because it feels like soft sand when you prepare the dough. It is common to change the taste by adding vanilla, rum, orange, citron, cinnamon or ginger, and you will find them in many different shapes as well.
Uploaded on : 2015-Oct-18
Homemade typical Alsatian Christmas cookie with an exotic taste of coconut. This is a soft cookie with a chewy inside. This sweet cookie will be a big hit for both adults and children.
The latest published recipes.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-21
A soft and creamy pulled chicken enchiladas with jalapenos is a perfect dish for a different type of enchiladas. Remember to put cheese not only on top of the enchiladas, but also inside, to make them extra creamy and tender. To spice it up you can add some chili sauce.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-17
If you are thinking about making your own dim sum this recipe is perfect to start with. Dim sum is a popular small steamed boiled delicacy from Hong Kong. You can find them filled with vegetables, fish, meat or seafood. Best served hot together with rice or vegetables and don’t forget to dip them in Chinese soy sauce.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-15
Try out this tortilla pizza when the kids are asking for pizza and you don’t have time to make your own dough. Takes only a few minutes to prepare and you can use what you have at home as topping. Here is a suggestion with halloumi cheese and salami. You can make a pizza evening whenever you’re up for it thanks to this brilliant quick fix.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-12
If you’ve been to a German Beer garden, you most probably been introduced to the typical cheese dip called obatzda. This homemade obatzda is made with cream cheese, camembert, butter, spices and of course some beer. Don’t forget to serve it together with radishes, red onion, bread or a bretzel. This is a perfect cold summer side dish.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-10
This Swedish homemade cake is prepared with saffron and a Swedish version of mulled wine. The time leading up to Christmas in Sweden, starts the 1th of Advent, comes with cakes made with saffron and hot mulled wine. This cake is a combination of them both and will be a hit at your “glögg parties”.
Uploaded on : 2019-Oct-06
Homemade popular kid mingling food, easy to make and the kids will love it. Who doesn’t like to mingle and eat at the same time? They will only leave the table when the plates are empty. The kids probably will want to help preparing the sausages, meatballs and fries, and taste some samples before the party.
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