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Swedish pizza salad
Swedish pizza salad
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When you eat a pizza in a Swedish pizzeria you will always get this typical Swedish pizza salad made of white cabbage, olive oil, citron juice or vinegar, salt and pepper.

Ingredient List for 4 servings:
Button Pizza salad
300 gr White cabbage
3 tablespoons Olive oil
0 teaspoon Salt
0 medium Citron/lemon
1 pinch Black pepper

Shred the cabbage or use a Swedish cheese slicer and put the cabbage in a big bowl. Boil water and pour it in the bowl for 3 minutes.
Pour away the water.
Pour the olive oil on the cabbage.
Squeeze the juice from 1/2 a citron on the cabbage, and then add the salt and pepper and mix it well together.
Let the salad rest in the fridge a few hours to cool down and marinate.
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