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Italian Scrambled eggs with truffle
Italian Scrambled eggs with truffle
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A recipe for homemade scrambled eggs with truffle gives the dish a more luxurious taste. If you don’t have truffle don’t worry, you can use Italian salt with small pieces of truffle instead. This version of the dish will give you a creamy and flavorful scrambled eggs that fits more as a light lunch than on the breakfast table.

Ingredient List for 2 servings:
6 Eggs
0.25 teaspoon Italian truffle salt
4 tablespoons Heavy cream
20 gr Shredded cheese
In a bowl whisk the eggs, heavy cream and truffle salt. Add the cheese and mix.
In a frying pan melt some butter and pour in the egg batter. Stir from time to time and take away the frying pan before the eggs are too thick, but still creamy and soft.
Serve warm on a plate together with a green salad. Sprinkle some truffle salt before serving.
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