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Puff pastry sesame seeds sticks
Puff pastry sesame seeds sticks
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This is a different type of the classical puff pastry cheese stick. These sticks will quickly become your guests favorite starter or mingle food at a party. They are easy and quick to prepare but so delicious.

Ingredient List for 6 servings:
1 Puff pastry roll
1 Egg
6 tablespoons sesame seeds
Oven temperature:
180 degrees Celsius
Start the oven with hot air at 180 degrees Celsius.
Roll out the puff pastry roll.
Cut thin rectangular on the short side of the roll, then divide them in half on the long side of the roll.
Pour the sesame seeds on a plate.
Brush the puff pastry with the stirred egg.
Twist the rolls like a spiral one by one and then brush them with the egg again.
Roll them in the sesame seeds, and then place the rolls on a baking paper on a baking sheets.
Place the rolls in the middle of the oven for approx ten minutes.
Take out the rolls and let them get cold.
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