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Swedish Ice Chocolate- Ischoklad
Swedish Ice Chocolate- Ischoklad
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This is a homemade recipe for one of the most common and popular Christmas candy in Sweden. Its tiny chocolate pralines served in small colorful aluminum molds. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and requires only 2-3 ingredients.

Ingredient List for 12 servings:
150 gr Nougat
50 gr Dark chocolate
50 gr Milk chocolate
100 gr Coconut fat
Cut the milk chocolate in medium size pieces and pour in a bowl. Do the same with the dark chocolate and pour in another bowl.
Cut the nougat in medium size pieces and place half in the bowl with the milk chocolate and half of the nougat in the bowl with dark chocolate.
On a baking sheet or a big plate that will fit in your fridge, place 50 small aluminum molds/cups (ischoklad formar).
Divide the coconut fat in half and place in two casseroles. Melt the coconut fat and pour half on the milk chocolate and half on the dark chocolate. Mix well.
Pour the melted chocolate in the aluminum molds/cup.
Place in the fridge until the chocolate set.
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