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Tuna steak with soy sauce
Tuna steak with soy sauce
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It is not so usual to cook tuna together with soy sauce, bacon and olives, but it gives a nice flavor combination. If the soy sauce makes it to salty, you can add some white wine to make it less strong. The tuna fits together with rice or fresh mushrooms on the side.

Ingredient List for 2 servings:
400 gr Tuna fillets
50 gr Bacon
1 Small onion
150 ml Soy sauce
20 gr Black olives
25 gr Butter
Cut the bacon, onion and the olives in small pieces.
Heat up a frying pan and add the butter and wait until it melts.
Fry the tuna fillets quickly on both sides, but make sure the middle is still raw.
Add the onion, bacon and the soy sauce and let it all simmer for a few minutes. Be careful so the fish doesn't get dry. Serve warm on a plate together with mushrooms or rice.
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