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Weisswurst and Spätzle
Weisswurst and Spätzle
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Weisswurst is an white German sausage made from minced meat of veal and pork. It is served in a big bowl of warm water so they do not cool down, and the skin is taken of before you eat them. It is common to serve them with pretzels and a special sweet mustard.

Ingredient List :
500 gr Spätzele
8 Weisswurst
Sweet mustard Weisswurstsenflike
Boil the Spätzele in salted water in a casserole for approx 10-15 minutes.
Put water and salt in another casserole and when the water is boiling take the casserole away from the stow and put the weisswurst in the water during 10 minutes.
Serve it warm, and before eating the sausages take away the skin.
It is good to have a sweet mustard like weisswurstsenf.
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