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Party food with eggs and shrimps
Party food with eggs and shrimps
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This is perfect party mingle food that require little preparations. To get the best taste use ecological eggs, fresh ecological dill and fresh premium shrimps. If you want to put even more effort into this dish you can make your own mayonnaise. To put an extra touch to it all you can squeeze a drop of fresh citron juice on each egg half.

Ingredient List for 8 servings:
6 Eggs
100 gr Fesh shrimps
1 bouquet Dill
3 tablespoons Mayonnaise
Boil the eggs in a casserole for approximate 5 minutes, until the egg yellow is a little bite sticky.
Take away the casserole from the stow and fill it up with cold water.
Peel and divide the eggs in halves. Place on a serving plate.
Spread out the mayonnaise on the egg half.
Peel and place one shrimp on each egg half.
Pick the top branches of the dill and place one on each egg half.
Keep cold until you will serve them.
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